Affordable, luxury living
for our residents;
value creation for our investors​

About JPL Development

Started in 2015 by Rod Jones, John Porta, and Mike Lang, JPL Development offers our investors unmatched experience with a combined 100 years of development experience between the partners and over 30,000 units successfully delivered. We develop strategically located sites in markets where there is a need for affordable, market rate apartments.


Our team is involved in the entire development process, including site selection, land acquisition, financing, construction management, and property management. JPL Development focuses on strong mid-western cities where there is steady employment and population growth. We currently have over 1,000 units under construction within the Nashville, Denver, and Minneapolis metropolitan areas. ​




30,000 units successfully delivered between the partners.​

Our team is involved in the entire

development process.

Sites located in markets in need

of affordable rate apartments.


Our TEam

Rod Jones

Rod began his career in 1981 as a licensed real estate broker selling residential properties while attending the University of Missouri. Upon graduation, he was hired by Leo Eisenberg Company, one of the largest developers of strip centers in the country at the time. 




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St. Louis
353 Marshall Ave. Suite H
St. Louis, Missouri 63119


West Palm Beach

931 Village Blvd. Suite 905-269

West Palm Beach, Forida 33409


Phone: (314) 744-0360



John Porta

John has been developing, constructing, and managing real estate for over 30 years. To start his career in the real estate business, John founded Porta Properties. 


Mike lang

Mike began his career in real estate building homes for several large builders including US Home Corporation and Century Home Builders, Inc. 


“JPL develops high-quality apartment communities in strategic locations. We provide luxury living for our residents at an affordable price and create value for our investors through our market expertise.”